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There’s no feeling quite like cruising down the highway on a perfect summer evening. It’s serene, yet exhilarating, and I love all the possibilities in the months ahead. My favorite part of the ride? Knowing that my passengers and I are safe and comfortable in my vehicle. Having the right tires is crucial to safety and the Sumitomo HTR Z is one contender that is worth checking out.


Things to Consider when buying a Sumitomo HTR Z

The Sumitomo HTR Z (High Technology Radials-1st generation) is a summer tire. It’s important to keep in mind the climate that you live in before purchasing tires for your vehicle. This product could be great for someone who lives in an area with greater than average rainfall. It is well suited for handling both wet and dry driving conditions. Those who drive in cold temperatures or on snowy roads should consider other options. Sumitomo Ice Edge tires and Bridgestone Blizzak tires are both good options for cold-weather drivers.

Regardless of temperature, it is a good idea to look into features such tread, braking, and comfort when selecting tires. Sumitomo HTR Z tires have exceptional ratings when it comes to braking, smoothness of the ride, and long tread life. As a tire that is built for racking up the miles and cruising at high speeds, most of the comments and specifications for the Sumitomo HTR Z suggest using this product with compact to mid-sized coupes, sport sedans, and muscle cars. There may be other tire options that are a better fit for you if you intend to outfit a larger or heavier vehicle. Likewise if you don’t intend to zip down the street like it’s your personal race track.


Sumitomo HTR Z Overview

The HTR Z tire is the first Sumitomo’s three-part HTR series. It boasts a tread depth and pattern that maximizes traction. The tire’s interior construction prioritizes a smooth and uniform ride that is easy to maneuver. If you’re looking to enjoy your drive more than the destination, these tires may be what you’re looking for. Sumitomo HTR Z tires are popular with drivers who spend their off hours zooming around a track. This is a reasonably priced tire that can still bring them the thrill they crave. These tires are not meant for use in cold temperatures, ice, or snow. Drivers who frequently encounter such conditions should seek other options.



  •  Affordably priced
  • Versatile—great street and track performance
  • Tread pattern specifically made to handle corners


  • Limited sizes available
  • May be hard to find due to release of HTR Z II and HTR Z III
  • Capacity to wick away water will decrease as tread wears down
Image for Suzimo htr

Sumitomo HTR Z Features


These tires feature V-shaped directional tread lines that enhance traction when driving on

wet roads. There are six circumferential tread lines. These include four wide ones on the outer edges and two narrower ones in the center. Six tread lines help cut down the chances of hydroplaning or losing control of the vehicle. You drive with peace of mind knowing that your tires are designed to help keep you safe on the road and have fun while doing so. The tread on the Sumitomo HTR Z tires channels water back to the ground (instead of all over your wheels). This means that even when roads are slick, you will maintain contact with the ground. You can continue zooming down the street without worrying about hydroplaning or sliding around.


The stiffened outer sidewalls on the Sumitomo HTR Z tires improve the vehicle’s

response to the steering wheel. This feature inspires trust that your car will do what you tell it to do—when you tell it to do it. Combined with the tread design, a stiffer sidewall feature improves the car’s brake speed. The superior grip and brake response will help you take those sharp turns and get the most out of your vehicle. Amateur racers and covert street racers alike will enjoy this freedom.


Two Joint Nylon Band (JNB) reinforcements inside the wheel increase the comfort of the drive. They also help to make the tires more lightweight. These spirally wrapped belts help keep your wheels in good shape by improving their high-speed durability. The Sumitomo HTR Zs are ready to race as fast as you are. JNB reinforcements also help keep the acceleration smooth and the ride uniform. You can feel as light as a summer breeze as you coast down the highway.


Though these tires aim to minimize the noise from rubber-to-road contact, there may be some room for improvement in this area. By some driver accounts, these tires make a noticeable amount of ruckus. But how much of this is from the tires and how much is from the vehicle itself isn’t always clear. The noise level will be the outcome of how the buyer chooses to drive their car and what kind of strain this puts on the tires. It is important to consider how your usage habits will affect the lifespan of your tires.


Sumitomo offers a Uniformity Warranty that is good up to the first 1/32” of tread wear or during the first six months of use. If you suspect that any bumpiness in your ride is due to faulty manufacturing of your tires, you may be eligible for a replacement tire. This is contingent upon you or the manufacturer being able to isolate the faulty tire—as they will not replace all four tires if you are unsure which is the culprit. They also offer a Workmanship and Materials Warranty that is good five years from the purchase date. This warranty allows for replacement of the first 50% of tread wear and then is prorated to 2/32” of the remaining depth of the tread.

Consumer reviews of the Sumitomo HTR Z

While poking around the internet, I found some user reviews that offered helpful insight into the Sumitomo HTR Z tires. Many reviewers agreed that these were great tires given their price and that they maintained good performance at high speeds. Reviewers mentioned their surprise at the quality of these Sumitomo tires. Many also commented on the tires’ good transition to and from different surfaces.

Review on Sumitomo HTR Z tire for 2004 Ford Mustang Cobra Conv.

Review on Sumitomo HTR Z Review 2

Review on Sumitomo HTR Z Review 2

Review on Sumitomo HTR Z Review 4

Review on Sumitomo HTR Z Review 5


Firestone Firehawk Indy 500

Firestone’s Firehawk Indy 500 tires offer slightly better performance than Sumitomo HTR Z tires when driving on wet roads. These tires have a rugged-looking, asymmetric tread made up of large blocks. The circumferential grooves are supposed to enhance water dispersal. These tires are a great option for people who live in wetter areas.

Pirelli P Zero Nero

Pirelli P Zero Nero tires are a Max Performance Summer Tire. This is different from the Sumitomo HTR Z category of Ultra High Performance Summer. Max Performance tires feature more advanced technologies. Their material components may confer superior performance in a particular category (dry or wet traction) or offer a superb combination of these features.

This tire is a good choice for those of us who make a habit of pushing our vehicles to their limit. More casual or laid-back drivers may want to look at a less technologically-advanced set of tires for their ride.

BFGoodrich G-Force Sport Comp-2

The sidewall on these tires is 40% higher than that of similar products. This means your vehicle will have enhanced steering response and agility when going around corners. Like the Sumitomo tires, the BFGoodwich G-Force Sport Comp-2 tires have a tread pattern that improves water dispersal and overall traction. Though they are a bit pricier than the Sumitomo HTR Z tires, this product is a great alternative. Drivers looking for another all-around well rated tire for their summer drives should check these out.

ComparisonSumitomo HTR ZFirestone FirehawkP Zero NeroBFGoodrich G-Force
PriceReasonableReasonableHigher end of reasonableReasonable
Tread Life7.
Dry Performance8.
Wet Performance7.



There’s rarely a good compromise when it comes to quality, price, and entertainment value. However, the Sumitomo HTR Z tires manage to find the sweet spot between these points. I would not want to sacrifice physical safety for the thrill of the ride, nor would I want anybody else to have to make that decision. These Sumitomo tires offer a solution that boasts great traction and overall durability. Even at high speeds, these tires will likely not disappoint. These tires manage to do all of this while staying within a reasonable price range. To check out this great product, click here.

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